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Come At Me Brew

Sep 23, 2019

It's time to grab a giant pretzel and smother your brat with kraut as we "review" some Oktoberfest beers.  This week we talk about stemware, what the hell "barnyard" means as a descriptor, and reminisce about Sopko's tap dancing prowess.  

Beers "Reviewed" -

1.) Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

2.) Genesee Oktoberfest

3.) Mill...

Sep 16, 2019

This week we "review" 3 offerings from The Alchemist out of Stowe VT,  one of us continues to push their Coors macro beer agenda, and we learn about meat nuts.

The Alchemist Beers "Reviewed - 

1. Kenny's Kolsch

2. Heady Topper

3. Focal Banger

Come At Me Brew is Dave Earle, Brian Sopko, Jim Loughner


Sep 9, 2019

Episode 2, we "review" 3 traditional German beers.  We learn about noble hops, German purity laws, and for some stupid reason, mylar.  Oh yeah, and one of us threatens John Quinones.

Beers "Reviewed"-

1. Weihenstephaner Original Premium (or Original Helles)

2. Warsteiner German Pilsener (how they spell it)

3. Bitburger...

Sep 4, 2019

This is the first podcast of "Come At Me Brew".  We're 3 friends who wanted an excuse to hang out and drink more beer.  We hope you listen, laugh, and learn something as we go on this beer excursion together.

In episode number one, we introduce ourselves, go off on a bunch of tangents, and occasionally even talk about...