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Come At Me Brew

Oct 28, 2019

This week we “review” 3 Buffalo Bills themed beers and soak in their early season success while we still can.  Then we share some of our favorite Bills traumas… I mean memories.

Bills Themed Beers “Reviewed”

1.) Thurmanator Lager by Ithaca Beer Company

2.) Pils Mafia by Thin Man Brewery

3.) Make Me Wanna Stout...

Oct 21, 2019

This week we “review” 3 big juice bombs from Other Half Brewing.  Besides that, we come up with a new podcast for Jimmy and Sopko goes full “Dr. Bri the Science Guy”.

Other Half beers “Reviewed”

1.) Roc Showers DDH IPA

2.) Utica Greens Imperial IPA

3.) Bloomfield Zoo  Imperial IPA

Come At Me Brew is Dave...

Oct 14, 2019

The weather is getting crisp, the leaves are changing color, and pumpkin spice is in literally EVERYTHING.  This week we're all about them pumpkin beers.  Besides that, Sopko celebrates a possibly troublesome milestone and Jimmy says the smartest thing he's ever said.  

Pumpkin Beers "Reviewed"

1.) Pumpkin Cream Ale by...

Oct 9, 2019

This week we discuss all things Mortalis.  Besides that, we express our appreciation for artisanal mustards and Sopko finally meets his meat-based beer match.

Mortalis Beers "Reviewed" - 

1.) Medusa- Passion Fruit and Dragon Fruit

2.) Hydra - Passion Fruit, Mango, and Pink Guava

3.) Mortalis and Other Half collaboration...

Oct 1, 2019

This week Jimmy finally gets his wish, we "review" 3 offerings from his favorite brewery, Finback.  Besides that, we say the word collaboration too much, one of us is finally recognized for his brilliance, and we talk about meat inspired beers once again.

Finback Beers "Reviewed" -

1.) Aqua Demtia

2.) Covered in...